Security Wranglers?

My name is David Hughes, and I’m an Information Security professional living here in the Austin, TX area. As I write this, I am Director of Information Security for Temple Inland and president of our local OWASP Chapter.My background, aside from various and sundry IT positions has largely been in penetration testing.

For about three years I’ve been wanting to do an Info Sec-related podcast. Reasons for not doing it have varied, but I finally decided to give it a try. Want I want to do here is something with as broad appeal as possible to anyone who might listen and/or read the blog, but also with local Austin value. Austin is definitely a hub within the information security community and I want to give something back.

The “Security Wranglers” title just had a cool Austin feel to it. It may change, but at present I like it. I’ve always liked cowboy culture and deep inside I consider myself to be one, though I wrangle technology and vulnerabilities rather than cattle.

I hope someone finds value in what I present here.
David Hughes